What Should You Think About Before You Decide To End Your Marriage?

20 March 2020
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Making the decision to get a divorce is significant and should never be entered into lightly. During this time, it is normal to have strong emotions. You may let your emotions get the best of you, so it is crucial that you take some time to think about your decision to divorce through for as long as you need before you move forward. Here are some additional things to consider before you start the divorce process: Read More 

3 Ways A Dog Bite Can Impact Your Life

13 February 2020
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People are injured from dog bites on a regular basis. This does not mean that it's not something that can impact you in various ways. A dog bite could impact your life in the following three ways and more. Luckily, a personal injury attorney can help you with dealing with all of the issues that can go along with a dog bite injury. 1. You Could Have Permanent Injuries First of all, you could suffer from permanent injuries because of a dog bite. Read More 

Thinking Of Fighting An Upcoming Foreclosure? Here’s What You Need To Know

16 January 2020
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If you're like many people who are currently facing the possibility of a foreclosure, you're undoubtedly feeling a mixture of anger, helplessness, and fear. You may also believe that once the bank has started the foreclosure process, you're powerless to stop it. However, you may have strong misgivings about the foreclosure moving forward — perhaps you don't want your credit rating to take the kind of major hit a foreclosure on your record would deliver, or maybe you simply want to find a way to stay in your home. Read More 

Divorcing Your Spouse? Tips For Forming A New Plan For Custody That Works

13 December 2019
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Are you getting divorced from your spouse, but you both have kids together? You'll need to figure out a custody agreement before you can move forward with making your divorce official. Here are some tips that will help you come up with a new custody plan that can work for everyone. Visitation Considerations One big aspect that will be debated in mediation is visitation. It is common for a child to primarily live with one of their parents, while the other has visitation rights. Read More 

3 Things To Do If You Think You Have Been Wrongfully Terminated

17 November 2019
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Being fired from your job is never a good feeling. You might be upset about what happened and worried about your future, both financially and professionally. If you were fired for an unfair reason, this makes matters that much worse. If you are dealing with a situation like this right now, you might not know where to turn or what to do. These are some of the things that you can do if you have been wrongfully terminated. Read More