3 Key Things Personal Injury Attorneys Do to Help Wounded Individuals Obtain Justice

8 June 2022
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People can be wounded in car crashes, workplaces, and other areas. If you suffer an injury because of someone else's mistake, you can file a lawsuit against them and obtain reimbursement. However, this process can be challenging because it involves numerous legal procedures. That's why you need to have a legal representative by your side. Personal injury attorneys are always ready to help wounded victims obtain a favorable award to settle their expenses. Read More 

Why You Should Contact A Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Before Answering Insurers Questions

4 May 2022
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The moments following a crash are usually full of confusion for the victims. It can be challenging to know the next steps to take or who to contact. Apparently, the negligent driver's insurer may call you to ask a few questions about the incident and minimize your claim's worth. If you talk to them at this time, you may make mistakes that you could regret later on. Luckily, a motor vehicle accident lawyer can save you from dealing with insurers and managing the legal procedures. Read More 

How Your Lawyer Will Argue In Court After You’re Arrested for Leaving a Vehicle Collision Scene

29 March 2022
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Vehicle accident law requires that you don't leave the auto collision scene until law enforcement arrives, even if you're not involved in the collision itself. You're also required to provide the investigators with as correct identifying information as possible to assist them in the investigation. Failure to follow these rules can get you into trouble with the authorities. For example, the state may bring charges against you for leaving the scene of an accident illegally even if you didn't hit any vehicle. Read More 

Is the Driver the Only One Responsible for a Commercial Truck Accident?

22 February 2022
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When you are involved in a semi-truck accident and you have become injured as a result, you may assume that you will need to take legal action against the semi-truck driver. However, there are several other parties that your truck accident lawyer might help you take legal action against. The Employer Might Be Liable The employer might be considered at fault for the accident as well as the driver. This is because the employer can be considered to have vicarious liability and might have also been negligent when handling the employee. Read More 

A Checklist for Deciding Whether to File Bankruptcy

13 January 2022
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Filing for bankruptcy can feel like a big and scary step to take. Worse, you may not be sure if you're even eligible to file. If you're not confident about whether you should file or not, use this checklist to help you decide. Assess Your Financial Situation You can't make an informed decision if you don't know what the numbers are. If you can't state right now how much you owe and to whom, start putting the information together. Read More