What Is Defamation Of Character?

5 January 2015
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If someone makes a statement about you that is false and causes you some kind of harm, such as ruining your reputation, that is known as defamation of character. It must be a statement that is not true. If something was said that harmed you, but was true, this is not the same thing. However, if you believe you are a victim of defamation of character, you may, with the help of a lawyer from a firm like Kalasnik Law Office, be able to sue the person who is guilty of it. Here is more information about this type of claim.

Harm to Your Professional Reputation

While individuals also sue for defamation of character, it is more likely that it has affected your professional reputation. If you are a business owner who is known in your town and someone has soiled your reputation with a completely false statement, you will be able to sue them. This can not only cause short-term harm to your business, but your long-term reputation may be damaged even after the situation has been cleared up.

Falsely Accusing Harm

One of the more common reasons to sue for defamation of character in a personal capacity is if someone claimed you harmed then, but didn't. This may be someone who accused you of sexual misconduct, which can severely ruin your reputation in many different capacities. It may also be someone who was physically or emotionally harmed by someone, but instead they blamed it on you, which is also defamation of character because they knew it was not you who harmed them. In addition, falsely accusing harm can be present in the workplace, such as someone falsely accusing you of sexual harassment.

Physical or Mental Anguish

You can also sue someone for defamation of character for physical or mental anguish. If you are going through a divorce and your spouse starts telling false statements about you to others, this can be mental or physical anguish. For example, if these statements lead to depression, anxiety, insomnia, or emotional or physical stress, you can sue them for the statements made.

Proving the False Statements

One of the hardest things about a defamation of character lawsuit is that it can hard to prove. If it is just hear-say, it will be very difficult to win this type of case. On the other hand, if you have proof on your answering machine, voicemail, text messages or emails, or social media networks, you can present those to the judge and use it as evidence against the statements. Having witnesses who heard these statements can also be helpful in these types of cases. Make sure you have a good personal injury attorney to handle the defamation of character lawsuit.