4 Reasons To Hire An Employment Attorney

7 January 2015
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When it comes to work-related issues, you may need to engage the assistance of an employment attorney, such as Hammer, Ferretti, and Schiavoni. This can allow you to get the assistance that may be necessary to win your case. Knowing the reasons to hire an attorney who specializes in this area may motivate you to do so when one is needed.

Sexual harassment

Have you been subjected to unwanted attention from another employee while on the job? This can come in many forms, from receiving inappropriate emails to being bombarded with flirtatious comments.

If you feel you have been sexually harassed on the job, you may need an employment attorney to represent you in a court of law.


Were you recently rejected for a promotion because of your age, race or color? If so, you may have been a victim of discrimination, and this is illegal activity that should be avoided by any employer.

Workers' compensation

If you have been injured on the job and were denied workers' compensation by your employer, you should fight this if you qualify. Being able to pay your medical bills and getting compensation for time that is lost from work can help financially get your life back on track.

It may be necessary to take your case to court in order to win the amount of workers' compensation that you truly deserve.

Salary decrease

Being denied the appropriate wages for your position may justify the need to hire an attorney. If your employer agreed to pay you a certain salary for the work that you do, and this amount has been decreased, you may be experiencing a violation of wages.

Be sure to address this concern with an attorney who specializes in this field and can fight to ensure you receive the justice that you rightfully deserve.

Wrongful termination

If you have been fired from your job and there is not a valid reason listed, you may be able to fight this. Being let go from any position requires the specific amount of paperwork and regulations to be followed and completed.

If you feel you have been wrongfully fired, be sure to consult with an employment attorney who can fight for your best interest.

Finally, getting the employment justice that you deserve may help you financially and allow you to have a better quality of life as a result. Be sure to retain the expert services of an employment attorney if you are faced with a work-related dilemma.