Divorce Documentation Mistakes You Are Likely To Make

27 January 2015
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If you are going through divorce, then you should be very keen on how you fill and file your legal papers. Courts demand a high degree of accuracy, and an "honest" or "simple" mistake can derail your divorce process considerably. Here are some common mistakes people make that you should look out for:

Name Inconsistency

Inconsistency in the way you write your name can cost you a lot. Apart from using your legal name, you also need to stick to one format, especially the one you use in the initial petition paperwork. Don't drop or add a middle name, initial, or even change the spelling. You risk being asked to redo the paperwork if you do that.

Errors with Checking Boxes

Some forms may have boxes to be checked. Ensure you check all the relevant boxes, and do so correctly. You are likely to forget about some boxes if you have lots of forms to fill. The same thing can happen if you aren't sure of something or don't have an immediate response to a question.

Avoid this mistake by going over all forms you have filled before submitting them. Apart from that, you can also consult your lawyer on how to fill anything you aren't sure of, instead of leaving it blank.

Not Listing All Your Assets and Debts

The problem with omitting an asset or a debt is that other parties (your spouse or the court) may accuse you of trying to hide financial information. This may be the case even if it is an honest mistake on your part.

For example, you may not know that the term "properties" does not just refer to real estate properties such as rental houses or your marital home. It may refer to all assets you own. In such a case, omitting the camping van or investment incomes from the list may be viewed as an attempt at fraud.

Making Address Errors

Lastly, you should be careful with the address you provide the courts with. Human beings are creatures of habit, and if you recently moved out of your house, you may find yourself automatically writing your former address instead of the current one. Also, remember to send any address changes you make after filing the petition so that you can receive all the legal correspondences in a timely manner.

It is clear from this brief overview of possible mistakes that attention to detail in the divorce paperwork is necessary. Don't sign, fill or tick anything you aren't sure or; if in doubt, then contact your lawyer first before putting it in writing. For more tips going into a divorce, contact a professional such as Pacione Lisa M Attorney At Law.