Look Out For These Red Flags When Seeking To Adopt A Child

13 May 2015
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If you are in the process of adopting a child, then you obviously want everything to be as smooth as possible. A fast and clean process will save you resources, and it also limits the possibility of getting mixed up in a fraudulent adoption or scam. Therefore, you need to be on the lookout for adoption red flags such as:

Birthmother Has No Proof of Pregnancy

You should be wary of a birthmother who has no proof of her pregnancy. In fact, be extra cautious if she can't provide the proof, but is eager to discuss the issue of expenses. If you are not careful, then you can end up paying for nonexistent expenses because she may not even be pregnant to begin with.

Birthmother Is Hard To Reach

Another red flag is when your communication with the birthmother isn't as efficient as it should be. For example, it might be that she hasn't given a phone number where the agency, lawyer or adoptive mother can reach her, doesn't return calls and emails or is always postponing meetings or talks. Such a birthmother is likely to be hiding something.

Agency Makes Unsolicited Contact

It's easier for a fraudulent agency to scam a targeted adoptive parent, someone it has scouted and identified as an easy target, rather than those who make the first approach. Therefore, you should be wary when an agency approaches you and showers you with praises on how you can make a perfect parent. The agency may just be fattening you up for the killing.

Agency Makes a Guarantee

Birthmothers tend to be very fickle with their decisions, so nothing is guaranteed until you complete the process. For example, a birthmother in an on-and-off relationship may change her mind if she makes up with the father before the process is complete. Therefore, you should be wary when an agency guarantees you a baby or promises that the process will be very easy and fast. That agency is either taking you for a ride or planning a scam.

Agency Pressures You into Decisions

In a legitimate and efficient adoption process, everybody is free to make up his or her mind. It's also advisable to analyze every move, document or payment carefully before making a decision. Therefore, the agency shouldn't pressure you into signing a document before you have time to scrutinize it or consult your lawyer.

You should dig deeper and know more about the parties you are dealing with (mother and agency), especially if you have noticed a red flag. Don't develop the attitude of willing to do everything to get a child, which is the mindset of a perfect scam victim. Above all, run everything by a family lawyer at a firm like Fraser Legal PC first to ensure they are legitimate processes and decisions.