What To Expect In A Social Security Disability Hearing

29 May 2015
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The social security disability hearing is the final part of the approval process for social security disability benefits. There is a great deal riding on this single court appearance, and it is understandable that you might be apprehensive about it. The best way to prepare for this hearing is to work with an experienced social security lawyer who can guide you in the best way to handle this all-important court date. You can also do some of the preparation on your own by reading the following info on what to expect during the hearing.

Arriving at the Hearing

You will be met by a security guard when you arrive at the Office of Disability Adjudications and Review for your hearing. The security guard will ask you to furnish photo identification in the form of a driver's license or a state issued identification. The security guard will typically search any items that you wish to bring into the building as well.

The Waiting Room

After the security guard allows you to proceed, you will go to a waiting room. This is typically where your attorney will meet you. The attorney will take this opportunity to review any last minute advice with you and will answer any questions you may have. The waiting period can vary considerably based on the current case load at the Office of Disability Adjudications and Review.

The Court Room

The court room might be very different from your idea of a typical courtroom. It is usually just a simple small room with a slightly raised platform for the judge. The only other court member who is usually present in this situation is the court clerk. The judge is also enabled to request the presence of a medical expert appointed by the court if they wish. This medical expert is a physician who will review your medical file and determine whether your disability is indeed permanent.

The Questioning

The judge will have a series of questions for you, but when you have an attorney these questions are typically given to your lawyer so that he or she can question you directly in front of the judge. Simply answer the questions as completely and honestly as you can. These questions are something that your lawyer will have prepared you for in advance.

Even though your attorney can't know the exact questions that the judge will ask, they will have a very good idea of the type of inquiries that are made in these hearings from past experience. This may seem like the most worrisome part of the hearing, but remember to have confidence in your lawyer's preparation to get the best results.

The Decision

The decision will be made immediately after the questioning period. This typically won't take very long, and your attorney will be there as an emotional support while you wait. To hire an attorney, contact professional company like Ball & FerrariIf you have approached the hearing with all of your attorney's expertise in the area, you are highly likely to get the benefits you deserve!