Common Divorce Concerns Addressed

30 July 2015
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For those that are going through a divorce, the entire process can be overwhelming. In addition to dealing with conflicting emotions, you will also have to navigate the complexities of the legal system. Sadly, you may not understand what your divorce will be like, which may make you experience more stress than is necessary. By understanding how the following two issues will be addressed during the proceedings, you should be better prepared for what your divorce process will be like. 

When Should You Formally Hire An Attorney To Represent You During A Divorce?

A common mistake that many people make is attempting to represent themselves during the divorce proceedings. While this may seem like a way to avoid the expense of an attorney, it can prove to be a costly mistake. If your rights are not protected during the division of assets, it is possible for you to lose a sizable amount of the money that you were entitled. 

Due to the potential consequences, you should hire an attorney the instant you realize that your spouse is planning to leave you. This will help ensure that you have ample time to gather the documents and evidence that your attorney will need to successfully represent you. Often, this is information that pertains to the finances of the marriage or any documented improprieties that your spouse may have committed. 

What Happens If You And Your Spouse Owned A Business Together?

It is fairly common for a husband and wife to own and operate a business. In fact, the business is likely the most important asset that the couple owns, and it should not be surprising that control of the enterprise is often a highly contentious point. 

When you are attempting to resolve ownership of a business, you will need to determine the value of the enterprise. This is essential because the courts will attempt to divide the assets as evenly as possible. Therefore, if you lose control of the business, you will likely be awarded a disproportionate share of many of the other assets. If this is a situation where neither party will agree to terms on the business, the court can order it liquidated so that the money generated from the sale is evenly divided between the spouses. 

If you are going through a contentious divorce, it is important for you to understand your rights and how to protect them during this process. By understanding how the division of a business will be handled and the importance of hiring an attorney as soon as possible, you will be better able to ensure that you come out of your divorce in the best position possible.

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