Overcoming The Challenges Of Bird's Nest Custody

7 October 2015
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Each year in the United States, an estimated 876,000 divorces are filed. Many divorcing couples have young children who may be affected by the ending of their parents' marriage. If you are thinking of filling for divorce and you want to reduce the negative effect a divorce can have in your own children's lives, opting for bird's nest custody could be a good solution.

Bird's nest custody is a type of custody arrangement where the children stay in the family home, and each parent takes turns having visitation in the home. Although it can be beneficial, there are some challenges associated with bird's nest custody. Here are two potential challenges you may face, and some simple suggestions to help you overcome them in the future.

1. Maintaining two residences could be a financial hardship.

When couples agree to try a bird's nest custody arrangement, they agree to maintain a separate household and contribute to half the expenses of maintaining the family household. If you are unable to meet the financial commitment required to maintain two residences, you might think bird's nest custody will not work.

Fortunately, since you will only be spending a few days each week in your new residence, you can survive with smaller living quarters. Finding housing for one person is more affordable than finding housing for a family. Look for one bedroom or studio apartments that are cost efficient.

2. Maintaining continuity when it comes to disciplining children.

Although both parents reside in the family home when a bird's nest custody arrangement is in place, each parent operates independently of the other. While this gives you the opportunity to experience life outside of your marriage, it can create problems when it comes to maintaining continuity in disciplining children.

To overcome this challenge, be sure that you and your former spouse plan regular meetings to discuss your children. These meetings will help you know when punishment doled out by your former spouse needs to be enforced, and it will provide you with the opportunity to let your spouse know about disciplinary actions you have taken while in residence at the family home.

Making a bird's nest custody arrangement work can be challenging. By remembering that you only need a small separate residence and planning regular meetings to discuss disciplinary actions with your former spouse, you can ensure that your children enjoy the benefits that bird's nest custody can provide.