How To Acquire A Visa For A Domestic Helper

6 June 2016
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There are lots of different visas to apply for when it comes to immigrants in the United States. If you're hiring a domestic helper, you will need to make sure they are legally allowed to work in the States, and this will mean acquiring a visa for them. As an employer, you can apply for them to help them get the legal right to work.

For domestic helpers, here are the steps to acquire that visa.

Get the Right Visa

There are different visas depending on your needs. If your domestic helper is traveling with you, there are chances that the B1 form will be the one that you want to fill out. As a diplomat or official, there are other forms available. It's worth checking with officials to make sure you get the right ones.

Make Sure They Have the "Right"

Not everyone can be a domestic helper. This title does cover numerous jobs in the home, including cleaners, chefs, nannies and au pairs. Immihelp states that they must have at least one year of experience in the position, so you can't just bring anyone over as a domestic helper for your home. They also cannot be a family member.

There is a section on the form to state why the helper is coming. Fill this out correctly because it will affect your helper's abilities to work when they are over here.

Your Requirements

There are also legal requirements for you to be able to get a visa for your helper. The main one is that you need to be a citizen or a non-immigrant visa holder. Green card holders are not allowed to bring domestic helpers over on the B1 visa.

Other requirements include that the helper must have been your employee for at least six months before the move and that you usually live outside the United States.

The aim of this visa is to make sure you can bring long-time employees with you. These people would understand your habits and may have built a closer relationship with you and your family.

It is important to follow the rules. Once you know that your domestic helper is allowed to apply, it is time to fill out the B1 paperwork (or others if you apply for them). Go through all the document guides to make sure you fill out the paperwork correctly because errors will invalidate your form and you'll have to start all over again.

For help, contact an immigration attorney in your area or do an online search.