Why Hiring A Social Security Disability Lawyer Helps

30 August 2016
 Categories: Law, Blog


One of the best things you can do to boost your social security disability claim is to hire a lawyer, such as those at Knollmeyer Law Office. Here are four key areas where an attorney can help you to create a better application. 

Having a Trained Eye on Your Application

First of all, lawyers that specialize in social security will have seen countless good and bad applications. This can give them a sense of what works and what doesn't in front of the Social Security Administration. When you're filling out your own application, it can be a blind process where you're not sure what you're missing from your claim. A lawyer will make sure the application is complete and looks professional before you submit it. 

Further Examining the Effects of Your Disability

It can be difficult to fully evaluate the extent of your disability on your own. If you have lived with the disability for a while, you may have forgotten some of the earlier stages of adjustment where you had to change your routines. This can make you less able to express how profound the disability affects your functioning. On the other hand, a lawyer can ask probing questions to fully get the picture of how the disability affects you in many categories. They may ask about how your disability changed your life in terms of mobility, emotional health, daily functioning, and more. 

Expressing Your Disability More Eloquently

An experienced social security lawyer will know what keywords and phrases to include to great effect in your application. They can write about the disability concisely and objectively, making the writing more persuasive. 

Providing Professional, Level-Headed Follow Up

Finally, a good social security lawyer is valuable because they can act as a point of contact for your claim. They will be able to answer all follow up questions in a timely and professional manner. Since you are very close to the issue, you may not be able to answer each question with as much objectivity as a trained lawyer; keeping a calm and rational demeanor will help your lawyer to interact with your evaluator in a productive way. 

As you can see, there are several benefits of having a social security disability lawyer help you with your application. And as long as you find a lawyer who only charges their fee to successful applicants, there is little risk in hiring a lawyer if you aren't successful with your claim.