Can You Sue Over Property Damaged By A Drone?

28 October 2016
 Categories: Law, Blog


As drone technology gets both cheaper and more powerful, the odds of one of your your neighbors bringing one home increase. But while most drone owners are respectful of those around them, accidents and conflicts can still occur. If, for example, you find that a wayward drone has crashed into your home, car, or even a person on your property, you may be entitled to damages for the expenses it and its owner have caused.

Documenting the Damage

A drone that hits an object hard enough to damage it is often broken in the process itself, leaving a crucial piece of evidence behind. Take pictures of your damaged property or injury as well as any fragments of the drone nearby as proof that the incident occurred before moving anything. Of course, if you or anyone on your property was seriously injured by the craft, you should seek immediate medical attention before proceeding.

Finding the Culprit

You can't press charges against a drone, which means that you will need to know its owner before you can even consider legal action. You may recognize the drone as belonging to one of your neighbors, or the owner may appear on your doorstep looking for the missing gadget. At this point, you should politely show the owner the damage caused by the drone and seek to solve the dispute through mutual agreement. If the other party is not interested in paying for repairs, you can exchange information and begin laying the groundwork for a personal injury case.

Assessing the Cost

Most personal injury attorneys will only take on a case that is worth a certain value in damages. Your attorney can point you to professionals who can estimate the value of your broken property and offer expert testimony on your behalf. Alternatively, you may be able to simply point to medical bills if the drone caused an injury. As long as the case is worth pursuing, your attorney will begin collecting evidence and filing the right paperwork.

Seeking Compensation for Drone Damage in Court

In order to receive a favorable ruling, you should be able to demonstrate that the drone is the property of the individual you are suing and that it caused the damage you are claiming. If you have followed the previous steps and have found a competent attorney to argue your case, you should receive justice for the careless actions of another and recover the full expenses of your broken property or medical bills. 

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