Think You May Have Been Wrongfully Terminated? Hire A Civil Rights Attorney To Find Out

16 January 2017
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There are many times when people are hired for a specific job and are later terminated for reasons that have nothing to do with their job performance. People are sometimes fired for their sexual orientation or their religious beliefs because they do not fall into line with the owners of the business or the people that they work with. These are not viable reasons to fire someone and can actually be used to build a lawsuit against the company. The guide below walks you through the steps to take if you think your civil rights have been violated through an unlawful termination.

Hire a Civil Rights Attorney

The first thing you need to do is hire a civil rights attorney. You want to be sure to hire someone that specializes in the exact issues that you are facing to ensure that he or she knows the ins and outs of the specific laws that pertain to your lawsuit. When you meet with the attorney, they will give you a checklist of things that they need to build your case.

Gather Your Evidence

Next, you need to gather evidence for the attorney to use in the lawsuit. You need to provide documentation that shows that you were an employee in good standing with the company before the termination took place. If you have won any awards, gotten bonuses, or had letters of praise written about you, the attorney will need them. He or she will also need to see your termination paperwork. The paperwork should state the date and the reason why you were terminated. If the attorney can prove that the reason given is not true, he or she will build a lawsuit for you right away.

Do Not Expect to Go to Trial

Many companies do not want to go to trial for a civil rights case because it will look bad for their business. Instead, many companies will choose to settle the lawsuit out of court so that their company name is not brought up in the media. The attorney will fight to get you as much money out of the lawsuit as they can to ensure that you get what you deserve when everything is said and done.

The attorney may not require you to pay anything up front for their services. You may be able to pay them with some of the money that you are awarded by the lawsuit. It will be specified in the contract that you sign when you hire the attorney.

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