Why Your Car Accident Claim Needs a Qualified Lawyer

27 February 2017
 Categories: Law, Blog


Have you recently been in an automobile accident? Does it seem like the insurance company is taking forever to get back to you? Unfortunately, being in an accident can be a difficult and grueling process. This is especially true if you were injured enough to require even brief hospitalization and time off work.

As your bills pile up, you may start to wonder if the insurance company will ever get around to offering you a settlement. Unfortunately, you may actually need to hire a lawyer in order to be fairly compensated for your injuries and damages. Some of the reasons why you should seriously consider hiring a lawyer for your car accident claims include:

You'll be taken more seriously: The unfortunate truth is that some insurance companies may partially ignore car accident claims that aren't being handled by a lawyer. They may assume that if your case isn't serious enough for you to talk to a lawyer, then there's no reason for them to expedite your claim. As a result, it could be weeks before they even bother to get back to you with a settlement offer.

A good attorney will know how to get around the red tape and bureaucracy of most insurance companies, helping to get you a settlement more quickly than you might get otherwise. 

You'll get larger settlement offers: It's in an insurance company's best interests to try to get you to accept as small of a payment as possible. Obviously, what's in the best interests of your insurance company probably isn't in your best interests.

An attorney will be able to better communicate the damages and injuries for car accident claims, letting you know what you can expect. If a few thousand dollars is a fair offer, your lawyer will let you know that. On the other hand, you don't want to accept a few thousand if you are legally and morally entitled to many times the initial offer.

There's no payment up front: As you're no doubt aware, a qualified attorney can be expensive. Fortunately, when it comes to car accident claims, you won't pay your lawyer up front. If your lack of money is preventing you from seeking out the legal representation that you need, this may help you reconsider.

In lieu of payment up front, you and your attorney will agree on a fixed percentage of your settlement once the insurance company pays you. Since your lawyer can help you to receive a significantly higher settlement, he or she can more than pay for him or herself.