Reasons For Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney

22 August 2018
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Hiring a criminal defense attorney is a major expense, but it can be essential for preserving your rights and defending yourself against criminal accusations. While individuals often imagine murder or other charges as being the reason to hire a criminal defense attorney, there are many other instances where this type of representation can be needed.

Serious Motor Vehicle Violations

Motor vehicle violations are common types of charges for people to face. While minor infractions will likely result in little more than a fine, there are some motor vehicle violations that can be serious enough to lead to jail time or other major ramifications. Driving under the influence and reckless driving are two of the more common types of charges that can lead to these outcomes, and individuals facing these charges will want to retain counsel as quickly as possible to maximize their ability to fight these charges.

Financial Crimes

Financial crimes often have extremely severe penalties. In addition to lengthy jail sentences, individuals could have assets seized, fines levied, or other penalties. Unfortunately, financial crimes are fairly easy for individuals to do as they may only need to misrepresent their financial situation on legal documents to find themselves facing this charge. Defending these crimes can be rather complicated as the intent of the individual will need to be addressed. For example, there are major differences between a person making a mistake in good faith versus a systematic effort to hide or misrepresent the truth. The exact details of the case and the charges will play a major role in determining the most effective strategy to undertake, and you will want to be as open and honest as possible when discussing the case with your attorney so that they have all of the information when they formulate your defense plan.

Whenever You Need To Speak With Investigators

There are many instances where you may need to be questioned by officers investigating crimes or other wrongdoing. Individuals will often go into these sessions without representation as they may feel they have nothing to hide. Unfortunately, making the mistake of misspeaking or attempting to protect a loved one can have major repercussions. Many people are unaware that making false statements to investigators can be a felony, which makes being extremely cautious when making statements essential. Having professional representation will allow you to minimize your liability when talking to these professionals as they can help you to understand the questions as well as helping you to appreciate your rights during the questioning process.

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