Did A Neighbor Smash Your Parked Car And Refuse To Pay For Damages? Get A Lawyer Now

24 September 2019
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If your vehicle was badly damaged while parked on the street in the subdivision where you live, and the person who hit it doesn't want to pay for the damages, you want to call an attorney. The other driver should have seen that the vehicle was parked on the side of the road, and with the proper evidence, you should have a good case.

It doesn't matter if the road is narrow or if your car is large; if it isn't illegal to have a vehicle parked on the street, your car was legally in a space on the side of the street. Here is some of the information to gather and things your lawyer will help you determine.

Were You Breaking Any Laws?

If the car was parked for more than 24 hours, it may break some type of law stating how long vehicles can be parked on the street based on the restrictions where you live. In heavy snow falls, there can also be fines for parking a vehicle illegally on the street because it can be difficult to plow the roads properly. Determine if you broke any laws with the vehicle being in the location it was before moving on with the case.

What's the Estimate of the Vehicle Damages?

You want to add up the total amount of cost that was a result of the accident. This should include all of the body and mechanical damages that were done to the vehicle. This may also include a towing fee to remove the vehicle if it wasn't drivable and have it taken to a repair shop.

Do You Have Proof of the Driver and Responsibility?

You need to give the lawyer all of the information regarding the incident. This means the driver's name and address and their insurance information if the two of you exchanged any info. If you or any neighbors have any type of security cameras in the front of the house that showed the accident, this is great for the case.

If your neighbor smashed into your parked car and they don't want to pay for the damages because they are trying to say your car shouldn't have been on the street, you want to call a car accident lawyer. The police need to be called right when this happens to document all the damage and so that you can file the report to document that the other party was involved.