Different Ways That Your Truck Accident Attorney Can Prove Your Case

26 May 2020
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It is probably important to you for your truck accident attorney to do everything that they can to prove your case. There are all kinds of ways that truck accident attorneys can prove cases, depending on the attorney's personal style and methods and the details of the accident. These are some of the ways that your attorney might work on your case.

Providing Proof of Your Injuries

First of all, if you were hurt in the truck accident, your attorney will probably do everything that they can to prove that you were actually injured. They might provide medical documents and letters from your doctors. They might provide pictures of any visible injuries that you might have sustained. They may show X-rays of broken bones or other serious injuries that you might have experienced. They may even advise that you have an independent medical exam done by a different doctor from your normal doctor.

Providing Proof That the Truck Driver Was Breaking the Law

Of course, your attorney will probably want to argue that the accident was the truck driver's fault. They might show the police report, or they might provide proof that the truck driver was breaking the law in some way when the accident occurred, such as by carrying an overly heavy load.

Providing Proof of Money You Have Lost

You might have lost a lot of money due to your truck accident. For example, you might have been out of work for weeks or months while recovering from your injuries, which can lead to a ton of money lost in income. You might have paid out of pocket for some medical costs since your case might not have been settled yet. You may have to replace your car, and you might continue to need medical care for years to come.

A good truck accident attorney will do everything that they can to provide proof of the money that you have lost from the truck accident. They might show your paycheck stubs to show how much money you normally make, which can help prove how much money you have lost from your inability to work. They might produce your medical bills and receipts from any medical supplies that you might have purchased. Basically, a good truck accident attorney will do everything that they can to prove that you have, in fact, spent or lost money because of the accident. This can help you increase your chances of getting back all of the money that you have lost.

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