DUIs Often Come With Aggravated Circumstances

2 July 2020
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If you have been charged with a criminal offense, you may have heard of "aggravating circumstances." These situations in which you may face a harsher penalty, perhaps because the circumstances made the offense more serious or dangerous.

DUI charges also come with aggravating circumstances. These are just a few that you could find yourself facing depending on your circumstances.

Driving Too Quickly

If you are driving very quickly over the speed limit, you could face more serious consequences. Some people have faced reckless driving charges as a result of driving too fast while also under the influence, putting others in danger.

Driving the Wrong Direction

Driving the wrong way on a road, especially a highway or freeway, is incredibly dangerous. It puts others at risk and may demonstrate to prosecutors that the individual in question was very intoxicated.

Causing Death or Serious Injury

If you are thought to be driving under the influence and cause serious injury or death in another person, you could face more serious consequences. In addition to an aggravated DUI charge, you could also be subjected to charges related to manslaughter. You could face years in prison if found guilty, which makes for a very intimidating trial.

Driving With a Very High BAC

A blood alcohol concentration that is very high above the legal limit can be damning in court. In some cases, you could face extra charges based on your BAC being recorded as double the legal limit.

Transporting a Minor

Driving a minor while under the influence can also lead to a potential criminal charges on top of a DUI. In addition to the DUI charges, you could face charges related to child abuse or putting a minor in danger.

Refusing to Submit to a BAC Test

When you receive your driver's license, you may also be signing an agreement to allow your BAC to be tested. Failure to allow an officer to test your BAC could lead to additional charges, including license suspension.

You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

No matter what aggravating circumstances you face, you need to speak with a criminal defense attorney. They will help you determine the next best steps for your case and ensure that you have adequate legal representation in court.

Set up a consultation with a criminal defense lawyer today to learn more about the best approach to your case. You may be able to reduce your charges or eliminate them completely.