The Tasks Of a Real Estate Closing Attorney

2 December 2020
 Categories: Law, Blog


When you decide to purchase a home, the process begins by getting pre-approved for a loan. It ends when you attend your mortgage closing appointment, which is when you sign all the documents for the home purchase. The closing visit is essential for a real estate purchase, and you can let a title company handle this for you or hire a real estate closing attorney. When you hire an attorney, he or she handles all the necessary tasks. Here are some of the primary tasks the attorney handles for your closing.

The Attorney Handles the Title Work

One essential step in buying a house is completing the title work. Every house has a title, and the title transfers from the seller to the buyer when a person purchases a home. Before this occurs, someone must complete a title search for the property. This title search tells you who owns the home and if the home has liens on it. It also reveals the history of the home's title. Failing to complete the title work can result in problems. When you hire a real estate closing attorney, the attorney handles this step. Therefore, you can feel confident that the title is clear and accurate when you attend your mortgage closing.

After the attorney handles the title research, they will contact a title insurance company to purchase title insurance. Title insurance protects you from title issues in the future.

The Attorney Ensures that Everything Is Complete

The attorney you hire to handle your closing appointment also handles the tasks of ensuring that everything is complete. Before you can close on your home purchase, a lot of things must take place. For example, you might need inspections and an appraisal. You might need to work with your lender for loan issues. The seller might have to complete tasks around the house before closing. There are dozens of steps that must occur before you can close, and your attorney will work with all the parties involved in the deal to make sure this happens.

The Attorney Prepares the Paperwork

At your closing visit, you will sign many documents. The documents transfer the home from the seller to you, and they also obligate you to the mortgage loan you acquired for the purchase. Your attorney prepares these documents and manages the signing of them.

If you want to purchase a house and avoid issues during the process, you might want to hire a real estate closing attorney for assistance.