Why Your Claim Cannot Be Denied Over Expired Plates

25 October 2021
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When you file a personal injury claim with the insurance provider of an at-fault driver, the insurance company will do everything they can to convince you that you are not eligible for compensation. They may even bring up factors that are not relevant such as the fact that you had an expired tag on your car. 

Don't Be Afraid to Call the Police

You may receive a ticket for failing to maintain updated tags, but you may also face penalties if you fail to report your car accident. Also, if you do not report your accident, you will have a harder time filing a claim against the other driver. This is because the police officer will create an accident report that can be used to support your version of the events.

For example, the police accident report might include the location where the accident occurred, the parties involved, and the fact that the accident occurred in the first place. Therefore, if there is later an attempt to claim that the accident never occurred, you can refer to the police report as evidence.

Renew Your Tag

There are many reasons why you should have your license plate tag renewed. For example, you might face a fine for having an expired tag. Also, if you have an expired tag, the process of filing a claim can be more complicated.

An insurance provider is not allowed to deny your claim over an expired tag even if you are their policyholder because an insurance provider can only deny a valid claim over fraud, an expired driver's license, or a failure to make premium payments. 

Unfortunately, some insurance providers will use bad faith tactics to try to reduce to deny your claim. For example, they might argue that you should not have been driving in the first place and would not have had an accident if you had waited until you could obtain new tags.

How to Fight an Insurance Provider

The best way to fight an insurance provider is to consult with an auto accident attorney. An experienced auto accident attorney will be experienced with handling combative insurance providers and will be able to help you negotiate a settlement so you do not have to go to court. This way you can maximize the compensation you receive for your injuries. Oftentimes, car accident cases are settled shortly before the trial begins and it's important to not accept a settlement lower than you deserve.

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