How Your Lawyer Will Argue In Court After You're Arrested for Leaving a Vehicle Collision Scene

29 March 2022
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Vehicle accident law requires that you don't leave the auto collision scene until law enforcement arrives, even if you're not involved in the collision itself. You're also required to provide the investigators with as correct identifying information as possible to assist them in the investigation. Failure to follow these rules can get you into trouble with the authorities. For example, the state may bring charges against you for leaving the scene of an accident illegally even if you didn't hit any vehicle. This can happen to innocent people. Contact a professional vehicle accident lawyer to represent you if this happens. They are likely to raise the following issues to defend you in court.

They'll Argue That You Weren't in Your Right Frame of Mind

Your lawyer will use different strategies to prove that you didn't commit any crime despite leaving the accident scene after the car crash. For example, they might claim that you weren't in the right frame of mind when the accident happened. You may have been distressed, under certain medication, etc. However, you should still expect to meet resistance from the prosecution and the other victims involved in the car crash. In this case, you have to work together with your lawyer to get sufficient evidence to prove your claim.

They'll Argue That You Were Probably Responding to an Emergency

Your lawyer could also bring the defense that you left the scene because you were going to respond to an emergency. For example, your legal advisor might say that you needed immediate treatment to save your life. However, the judge will require evidence to substantiate your claim. In this case, you will need to use your medical report to show the services you received and when you visited the hospital. The judge will evaluate your justifications to determine whether the circumstances constitute an actual emergency.

They'll Argue That You Didn't Know That Some Victims Needed Assistance

If your vehicle was several meters away from the scene, your attorney may note that you didn't know that some victims needed assistance. In this case, you can use the pictures you took after the vehicle collision to support your claim. It will show your vehicle's position and the distance from the accident scene. If you were headed in the opposite direction or there was an obstruction, you may be acquitted.

If anyone accuses you of leaving the scene of the accident illegally after a car crash, contact a professional vehicle accident lawyer immediately. They will raise the issues above and any other defense they feel will help to prove your innocence. In addition, they will work to ensure that you don't get punished for a crime you didn't commit.