Why You Should Contact A Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Before Answering Insurers Questions

4 May 2022
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The moments following a crash are usually full of confusion for the victims. It can be challenging to know the next steps to take or who to contact. Apparently, the negligent driver's insurer may call you to ask a few questions about the incident and minimize your claim's worth. If you talk to them at this time, you may make mistakes that you could regret later on. Luckily, a motor vehicle accident lawyer can save you from dealing with insurers and managing the legal procedures. In this article, you'll learn why you should contact an attorney before answering any questions from these companies.

To Keep You From Recording Incriminating Statements

An adjuster may call you and request that you record a statement with the company concerning your injuries to speed up your claims process. While they may appear genuine, your words may work against you, especially if the proof that's gathered later contradicts what you said. These statements may also provide inadequate information about the magnitude of your injuries, leading to you receiving a lower settlement for your suffering.

A lawyer can protect you from saying things that may affect your case. They'll ensure that you organize your thoughts and provide accurate details to the company to enable you to get the settlement you deserve. They'll also keep your emotions in check so you don't say anything that may hurt your case.

To Prevent You From Authorizing Them to Access Your Medical Records

Letting an adjuster access your medical report may be a big mistake. These records usually provide information about a patient's state and may even state any pre-existing conditions you're suffering from. If your insurer is malicious, they may use this information to deny your claim.

A lawyer will ensure that the release form you sign authorizes an adjuster to collect information that's relevant to the crash. They'll keep any information about lab results, medications, diagnoses, and other facts that could be used against you from these companies' reach. Moreover, they'll ensure you read the terms of the release form and understand precisely what information will be shared before signing.

To Protect Yourself From Blame Games

Although victims of crashes may be partly responsible for a collision, they shouldn't accept liability before consulting with an attorney because an insurer may use this to offer you a lower reimbursement. An attorney will conduct investigations to determine if you were responsible for the crash. If they discover you were partly involved, they'll negotiate with the insurer to enable you to collect a substantial amount of damages.

It's advisable not to handle insurers' questions yourself, even if they contact you. If your claim is valid, a motor vehicle accident lawyer can negotiate with these companies to enable you to obtain a reasonable settlement.