Why Your Personal Injury Lawyer Should Call An Expert Witness

5 July 2022
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Are the facts in your case a bit complicated or hazy for the court to understand? An experienced attorney will know when it's time to call in expert witnesses to bolster your case for compensation. Do you really need one? Will it help your case? This article will explain the importance of expert witnesses in the eyes of judges and juries. Here are several advantages of your personal injury lawyer calling an expert witness for your case;

1. Experts Help Break Down Jargon for the Jury

While arguing your case, it may be impossible to avoid jargon depending on the industry and occupation. For example, if you claim personal injury because of long-term tobacco inhalation, you must give a medical explanation.

An expert witness will break down this jargon for the court to understand. They can explain long medical terms in clear everyday language. 

2. Experts Can Help Provide Context and Examples

When you're putting together your claim or defending a client, it can be difficult to present each aspect of your case in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. Experts—whether they're medical professionals, mechanics, or engineers—can help put things into context and provide examples that make it easier for the judge and jury to digest what they need to know.

3. Experts Help Evaluate Facts

Your personal injury attorney will use the expert witness to help evaluate the facts you claim in your case. For example, if you are claiming total disability,  then the medical expert might be able to testify that you are permanently disabled and unable to work because of a medical condition. 

The financial expert might be able to provide testimony on what your lost wages would have been had you not been injured and how long it will take you before being able to work again.

4. The Jury Is More Likely To Trust the Testimony of Experts

When jury members hear about a topic from a proven expert, they're more likely to listen and trust what that person says. You can increase their trust in your case by calling on experts to testify on your behalf. This trust level rises if you have a well-recognized expert. 

5. Experts Are Harder to Attack

The other side will always try to discredit the witnesses you call. However, they will find it harder to attack a professional who has extensive experience in their field. Experts are better qualified to answer questions from both sides and can help educate the jury while busting popular myths.

Your claim for adequate compensation will only be successful to the extent that you can prove what you say, which makes an expert witness key to success. Consult your personal injury lawyer on the possibility of using an expert to strengthen your case.

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