How To Get Justice And Compensation After A Collision With A Truck Carrying Hazardous Materials

28 July 2022
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Most truckers who transport hazardous materials undergo special training in handling and shipping them. However, despite getting this guidance, some truck drivers make mistakes that cause collisions. As a result, the harmful components spill on the road or pollute the air, causing severe injuries to the truckers and other road users. You are entitled to compensation after being hurt by harmful substances from a semi. A truck accident lawyer can take you through the legal process to ensure that you understand the following facts before representing you in your case.

The Injuries You Might Sustain in the Crash

Most crashes involving big rigs cause grievous injuries, including broken bones, amputations, spinal cord injuries, and head concussions. Crashes between passenger vehicles and trucks transporting hazardous materials can have life-threatening effects. They can cause severe burns if flammable or combustible materials explode after the crash. Accident victims and first responders are also at risk of suffering health complications if they inhale or touch harmful chemicals. People not directly involved in the crash are also at risk of harm when the hazardous materials pollute the air or contaminate the local water supply.  

You are entitled to compensation when you sustain injuries from hazardous materials after a collision caused by a semi. Therefore, you should consider consulting an attorney to assist you in getting paid for your injuries. In addition, they will ask you to get a medical examination to ensure that you have critical evidence to strengthen your claim.

Parties That May be Liable for Your Injuries

Several parties may be liable for your injuries, including the trucker, their employer, and the person who loaded the hazardous materials. The cargo could also be partly to blame for the injuries you sustain after a truck carrying harmful chemicals causes a collision. Your lawyer can evaluate the facts of your case to determine the parties who might have contributed to your injuries. They will then conduct investigations to determine each party's role and their fault percentage. Your attorney will then gather evidence to prove that the at-fault parties were negligent and that this caused your injuries.  

This information will enable your legal advisor to negotiate a settlement covering your current and future medical expenses. You might also get payments for rehabilitation costs and emotional distress caused by your injuries. In addition, you might receive compensation for funeral expenses, lost income, and loss of companionship after your loved one loses their life in the accident.

An attorney dealing with truck crash lawsuits can help you to get justice after sustaining injuries after a collision caused by semi-carrying hazardous chemicals. They will identify the wrongdoers and file lawsuits against them to ensure they face the law and compensate you. 

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