Faqs About Transfers And Payments Prior To Filing For Bankruptcy

8 February 2016
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A bankruptcy filing is heavily scrutinized by the trustee. If he or she notices any discrepancies in your documentation or suspicious financial dealings, your filing could be in jeopardy. If you have recently made a payment to a creditor or you transferred an asset, it is possible that the trustee could force the return of the payment or asset. If you have recently taken either action, here is what you need to know. Read More 

How To Handle Property Line Disputes

19 January 2016
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Living in close proximity to your neighbors can make it difficult to determine where your property ends and theirs begins. Property line disputes are common between neighbors, but these minor disputes can quickly become heated if not dealt with properly. Here are three tips that will help you deal with property line disputes constructively in the future. 1. Address any property line issues as quickly as possible. It's important that you address any property line discrepancies that might arise between you and a neighbor as soon as you notice an issue. Read More 

Overcoming The Challenges Of Bird’s Nest Custody

7 October 2015
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Each year in the United States, an estimated 876,000 divorces are filed. Many divorcing couples have young children who may be affected by the ending of their parents' marriage. If you are thinking of filling for divorce and you want to reduce the negative effect a divorce can have in your own children's lives, opting for bird's nest custody could be a good solution. Bird's nest custody is a type of custody arrangement where the children stay in the family home, and each parent takes turns having visitation in the home. Read More 

Tips for Building a Defense against Drug Charges

21 September 2015
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If you're facing drug possession charges following an arrest, it's important to understand the defense options available to you. Even if you were physically caught with drugs, you still have some choices for your defense. Since every case is different, it's always best to work with a criminal defense attorney, but here are a few of the defense options that you may be able to use. Mishandling of Evidence In the process of any police investigation and trial, evidence is likely to be transferred several times, from the police department to the lab and then to the evidence lockup or another area. Read More 

3 Ways A Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You Get More Compensation

12 August 2015
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If you have been involved in an automotive accident that was caused by another driver, you may be eligible for damage compensation. However, you are likely to receive a higher payout if you are represented by a car accident lawyer. Here are a few things that your car accident lawyer will do to help ensure that you receive the highest reimbursement for your damages: Make sure that adequate proof of your damages is submitted. Read More