How Hard Is Proving An Injury Claim?

2 March 2021
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Injury claims come in a wide range of types, and that can make it hard to figure out whether it will be difficult to prove your case. However, an injury attorney looks at several key pieces of information to determine just how hard it might be to prove a client's argument that they deserve compensation. Video Evidence The rapid spread of surveillance video systems, cellphones with cameras, dash cameras, and other devices has significantly changed the way an injury lawyer assesses a case. Read More 

Strategies For Securing Patent Protections In Other Nations

1 February 2021
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The protections that you receive when you file for a patent in the United States end when you cross the border. However, you may want to offer your product in another country and are concerned with your product being protected internationally. You will want to discuss with a patent lawyer whether your patent will be protected. Rules of Reciprocity The United States has patent agreements with several countries around the world with " Read More