Having A Lawyer On Retainer For Your Business

14 November 2018
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As a business owner, you should seriously consider having a lawyer on retainer. There are many reasons why having a lawyer on retainer can prove to be important for your business. You can learn what some of those reasons are by going over the information below. You will be prepared for legal issues When you have a lawyer on retainer, you will know just who to get ahold of if you should find yourself facing legal issues. Read More 

Starting A Law Firm? 5 Things To Always Keep On Hand

3 November 2018
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When it comes to practicing law you really have two choices: you can either start your own firm or you can work for someone else. If you have decided to take the leap and start working for yourself, then you know just how fun and exciting it can be. To make sure that your office runs as efficiently as possible, you not only need to bring in a bunch of new clients, but you also have to run an office that's equipped with the right office supplies. Read More 

Divorce And Taking Time To Transition

26 September 2018
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Nothing good can come of things that are rushed, particularly legal matters. A divorce affects almost every area of your life, from your children to your pocketbook, and taking your time to adjust can mean a less-stressful and more thoughtful experience. Fortunately, a legal separation provides divorcing couples with the perfect means to take this separation step by step, and having that separation made official can offer even more benefits and protections. Read More 

Reasons For Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney

22 August 2018
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Hiring a criminal defense attorney is a major expense, but it can be essential for preserving your rights and defending yourself against criminal accusations. While individuals often imagine murder or other charges as being the reason to hire a criminal defense attorney, there are many other instances where this type of representation can be needed. Serious Motor Vehicle Violations Motor vehicle violations are common types of charges for people to face. Read More 

When Workers’ Compensation Insurance Gets Unreliable

19 July 2018
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It's only natural to take something you never think you'll need for granted, but when it comes to being hurt at work you will undoubtedly begin to pay more attention to your benefits. Medical care is expensive and you may be unable to work at your job for days or even weeks and you'll want to take full advantage of the valuable help that this form of insurance provides. Unfortunately, things don't always go as planned when you file a claim and you might encounter some of the following issues. Read More